Há uma parte de mim que absorve o mundo, e uma parte que se consome no cansaço da compreensão... Que se desgasta em sons... Mas que se regenera no silêncio da poesia. (Gil Façanha)
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    Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Episode 16

    Chi Soo: Did you hug him?

    Eun Bi: Yeah.

    Chi Soo: You can’t do that anymore.  The onion isn’t your ‘husband’ anymore… since now, he’s my older brother. [ ] You’re going to visit me while I’m in the army, right?

    Eun Bi: I’ll come.

    Chi Soo: You’re going to come every day, right?

    Eun Bi: How can I come every day?  Even if I go every day, you won’t be allowed out… and you also can’t stay out overnight.

    Chi Soo [sleepyhead wakes up, shifty-eyed]: You… what? Overnight? How do you know about that?  You stayed out overnight with that ‘water balloon?’  It was that serious of a relationship? [the two continue their heated exchange leading to a ‘wrestling’ match knocking over the Christmas tree]

    Ba Ul and Hyun Woo [pop in]: What are you two doing?!

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    It’s been a while, Yang Eun-Bi.

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    Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Episode 16

    So Yi, is finally a useful character, even though she did just tell an outright lie:

    So Yi: If you’re thinking about going, then you’d better hurry.  Chi Soo is leaving for America today.

    Eun Bi [screams]: What?! What~?!  White Swan… why are you telling me this now?! [on phone] Dong Joo, I can’t be your bridesmaid… [ ] I’m going to pick a rose.

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    Yang Eun Bi: What about you? What about you, Cha Chi Soo? Can you.. live on without eating ramyun? Can you live.. without seeing me?

    Cha Chi Soo: No. I can’t do that.

    Yang Eun Bi: Without a doubt, I knew it was a dogs dream.

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    The hottest kimchi kiss in the world!

    Source: TVN

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    eun-bi: Can you live without eating ramyun? Can you live without seeing me?

    chi-soo: No, i can’t do that.

    and..eun-bi goes on for a kiss!

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    Doramas Favorites Couples

    Flower Boys Ramyun Shop :: Cha Chi Soo & Yang Eun Bi (Jung Il Woo & Lee Chung Ah)

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    done watching “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop…”

    i really really like it .. hahaha :)

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